Keeping your brand & Communications connected.

An extension of your marketing

I integrate the different components of your marketing and advertising for better brand, storytelling, and ultimately growth-driven results.

I deliver work where your marketing needs it most, working collaboratively with the different people within your business to develop and execute initiatives that are going to move the needle.  

a brand ambassador

I represent your brand to the outside world, from the media, influencers, community members, and other vendors or potential partners.

I use powerful communications, relations, and persuasion to make sure your story is told to resonate and impact audiences. 

I work with client as a marketing strategist, communications manager, and brand partner.

I rely on critical thinking, research, understanding of business, industry, competitors, market, and audience to create marketing & PR ideas that will garner attention, impact, and long-term success.

A CMO-Minded partner

Creating a 'partner-mentality' client experience that strikes the perfect balance between agency & in-house marketing.

Born and raised in Texas, Jaclyn moved to New York City after graduating from Texas A&M University, where she started her career working in-house at News Corporation. After forming a relationship with the PR agency-of-record, Jaclyn fell in love with the practice of PR and went to the agency world where she spent seven (7) years working at top firms in NYC and specializing in real estate, architecture & design, and travel + hospitality. 

Jaclyn moved to Houston in 2017 and started JKPR Communications to continue servicing a select group of NYC clients, while taking a full-time role in-house as the Communications + PR Director at MetroNational. 

In 2020 Jaclyn took JKPR full-time to better serve Houston businesses with PR that truly was business-minded, delivering work that's solution-oriented, wears the hat of a CMO, driven by passion, and operated from a place of partnership and trust.