Public Relations

I work with my clients as a marketing partner with services that go beyond the traditional scope of PR agencies to better serve the business and support the larger marketing goals.

I rely on critical thinking, research, creativity and intuition to develop new ideas that will best garner attention, build brand, and create valuable impact.

Closing the gap between agency & in-house.


Communications that operate as an extension of your business, working with internal teams to support marketing initiatives, and managing external relations with outside stakeholders, advertising & marketing partners to best represent and maintain brand reputation and consistency. 


Strategic communications that combine traditional PR, social, and digital for dynamic results that are relevant, build awareness, establish credibility, drive traffic, and engage audiences.


Competitive research, analysis, positioning, and message development is at the core of successful communications, complimented by business-driven strategies that use creativity, strategic thinking, and powerful narratives to drive outcomes.

Agency Services With Internal-Style Strategy & Support


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Bringing over 15 years of strategic communications experience to create a new client service that strikes the perfect balance between agency & in-house marketing.

A seasoned marketing & communications professional with a proven track record of creating business-minded PR strategies that create buzz-worthy campaigns that produce content, earn media placements, and start conversations amongst audiences.

Born and raised in Texas, Jaclyn moved to New York City after graduating from Texas A&M University, where she started her career working in-house at News Corporation. After forming a relationship with the PR agency-of-record, Jaclyn fell in love with the practice of PR and went to the agency world where she spent seven (7) years working at top firms in NYC and specializing in real estate, architecture & design, and travel + hospitality. 

Jaclyn moved to Houston in 2017 and started JKPR LLC to continue servicing a select group of NYC clients, while taking a full-time role in-house as the Communications + PR Director at MetroNational. 

In 2020 Jaclyn took JKPR full-time to better serve Houston businesses with PR that truly was business-minded, delivering work that's solution-oriented, wears the hat of a CMO, driven by passion, and operated from a place of partnership and trust. 

Jaclyn Anderson



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A Diverse Portfolio Of Real Estate, Design, Hospitality & Lifestyle Clients.