An in-house agency hybrid with traditional services blended with in-house marketing + communications to better serve clients bottom line and be an ongoing brand ambassador.

closing the gap between pR agency & in-house marketing.

I'm Not the only one that does public relations… 

What you need, when.

From in-house marketing to media relations to community + external relations, my job is to add-value where it most makes sense at any given time.

Always strategic.

Keeping the focus on your bottom line to make sure outcomes are driven, while creating marketing integration to make sure work is efficient. 

Creativity with purpose. 

I don't believe in creating something for the sake of checking a box. There is magic at the intersection of creativity with strategy, and I keep both those thing in play, always.

Connected across the business. 

From integrating sales and managing your communications with a multi-channel marketing approach that's repurposes and amplified across the board. 

I’m just the only one that does it with an in-house approach to be more strategic, more efficient, and more flexible in your marketing with the big picture in mind.

In-house style services that provide brand management + support your business and marketing team with communication plans, campaign management, and managing external relationships with vendors and partners.

Communications + Brand Management

Build business-driven strategies for brand, marketing, and communications that support goals (brand awareness, leadership, credibility), drive outcomes (sales, traffic, engagement) and support initiatives (launch, new service, event).

Grow brand awareness, increase sales + gain industry authority with media placements, influencer coverage, speaking engagements, community + brand partnerships, and events. 

Public Relations

An interdisciplinary marketing partner. A true agency meets in-house hybrid. 

I created my practice to give businesses what they desire from agencies, but need from a CMO. To give clients a truly integrated experience that prioritizes relationship, collaboration, and expertise. 




Understand business goals
Assess place in the market
Pinpoint differentiators
Identify target audiences
Determine solutions 
Define brand positioning
Establish core messages

Paid + Owned Content Narratives
Public relations & media relations
Influencer & social media
Marketing collateral & web presence 
Event + Community 
Campaigns + programming 

Active brand representation 
Advertising brand management 
External relations + communications
New opportunities
Amplification + repurposing
Grow future brand ambassadors

Comms Management + Brand  Representation

Narrative-Driven Comms  + Campaigns

Critical Thinking + Strategic Planning

Over a decade of experience.

Working at top agencies in NYC and Texas helping companies create strategic and integrated communications that prioritizes the power of *earned* marketing to grow brands, tell stories, and meet the bottom line. 

A seasoned marketing & communications professional with a proven track record of creating business-minded PR strategies that create buzz-worthy campaigns that produce content, earn media placements, and start conversations amongst audiences.

Born and raised in Texas, Jaclyn moved to New York City after graduating from Texas A&M University, where she started her career working in-house at News Corporation. After forming a relationship with the PR agency-of-record, Jaclyn fell in love with the practice of PR and went to the agency world where she spent seven (7) years working at top firms in NYC and specializing in real estate, architecture & design, and travel + hospitality. 

Jaclyn moved to Houston in 2017 and started JKPR LLC to continue servicing a select group of NYC clients, while taking a full-time role in-house as the Communications + PR Director at MetroNational. 

In 2020 Jaclyn took JKPR full-time to better serve Houston businesses with PR that truly was business-minded, delivering work that's solution-oriented, wears the hat of a CMO, driven by passion, and operated from a place of partnership and trust. 

Jaclyn Anderson



commercial real estate

multi-family development

city + tourism

architecture + design

residential real estate

interior design

hotel design


with industry expertise specializing in real estate, hospitality, Architecture & design, B2B, and lifestyle.

How can I help your business win the battle of marketing?

Whether your business needs public relations, marketing + communications, or you're not sure and need an experts insight, I'd love to help. 

My goals is to best support your business be successful in marketing. Let's find out how.